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Providing Marketing and Technology specifically designed for the Renewable Energy Sector

New Economic Opportunities
The Inflation Reduction Act & Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will create high-quality jobs and new economic opportunities through investments in and incentives for domestic clean energy manufacturing, marketing, and distribution.
Accelerating Innovation
The United States must decarbonize electricity, electrify energy services, increase energy efficiency, deploy enabling infrastructure, and accelerate innovation in clean energy and carbon-reducing technologies across economic sectors.
Building the Future
All levels of government, along with the Renewable Energy Industry and Public, must work together to build this future for the U.S. economy. Demand for partnerships within this sector utilizing Marketing, Technology, and Brand Development is poised for exponential growth.

Tapp into Your Market's Potential and Propel Sustainable Growth with Tapp Green

Community Solar

  • Investors
  • Installers
  • Developers
  • Equipment providers
  • Member organizations

Corp Social Responsibility

  • CSR branding
  • Design collateral
  • Marketing toolkits
  • Campaign management
  • Websites and Apps

Environmental Orgs

  • Branding & Messaging
  • Campaign Collateral
  •  B2B and B2C Campaigns
  • Training  (LMS)
  • Website development


  • Agricultural producers, distributors, & retailers
  • Urban and indoor farmers
  • Equipment and technology providers
  • Farmer support and advocacy groups

Green Storage

  • Energy storage systems
  • Manufacturers of  batteries
  • Energy management SAAS
  • GreenTech Artificial intelligence 
  • Energy Storage Partners


  • Branding & Messaging
  • Campaign Collateral
  •  B2b and B2C Campaigns
  • Training (LMS)
  • Website development


  • Hydrogen production equipment
  • Green hydrogen projects
  • Hydrogen R&D labs
  • Hydrogen manufacturers
  • Hydrogen policy groups

Mobility (EVs)

  • EV Producers
  • Electric charging infrastructure  
  • EV technology and equipment
  • EV advocacy groups

Public Utilities

  • Brand strategy
  • Omni-channel messaging
  • Full-funnel campaigns
  • E-Commerce Integration
  • AI Chat-Bots 


  • Water utilities
  • Wastewater solutions
  • Irrigation providers
  • Trade associations
  • Community organizations


  • Wind utilities
  • Policymakers
  • Project developers
  • Equipment providers
  • Manufacturers 

GreenTech issues we love solving


Message Mis-Alignment


Marketing and Sales Silos


Tech-Stack Fragmentation


Full Funnel Customer Conversion


Revenue Operations


Disconnected Data and Analytics

Presenting our approach to effectively addressing marketing challenges within the Renewable Energy space.


We drive customer loyalty and accelerate brand performance through valuable insight of your key audiences and prospects.


We maximize your marketing and sales with customizable tech tools. It’s marketing at the speed of technology.


We create meaningful connections by uncovering behavioral science that motivates your customers through data integration and analysis.


Redefining the New Energy Landscape with Targeted Marketing Solutions


Brand story & positioning

Navigating through numerous distractions, facing significant confusion, and contending with intense competition can pose challenges. Establishing a distinct brand presence and effectively communicating what sets your company apart becomes even more crucial. At Tapp, we specialize in driving customer loyalty and propelling brand performance by providing valuable insights into your key audiences and prospects.


Marketing strategy

In a landscape filled with distractions, confusion, and fierce competition, the challenge lies in establishing a distinct brand presence and effectively communicating what sets your company apart. Fear not, for at Tapp, we specialize in not just meeting but exceeding these challenges. We are dedicated to driving customer loyalty and propelling brand performance through the strategic utilization of valuable insights into your key audiences and prospects. Together, let's elevate your brand above the competition and make a lasting impact.


CRM & Automation

We respect your time. While you recognize the necessity of a CRM, its true impact on a business may not always be fully appreciated. CRM systems play a pivotal role in helping businesses forge relationships with customers, translating into loyalty and customer retention—factors that directly influence your revenue.


Revenue generation

Your green enterprise is positioned at the center of the cutting-edge technological revolution in alternative energy and carbon reduction. From leveraging paid social media strategies to intricate customer journey mapping and high-impact email campaigns, we specialize in delivering the transformative outcomes your organization craves. Our campaigns not only cut through the clutter but also captivate attention, motivating audiences to take decisive action.


Being a HubSpot partner agency goes beyond mere representation for us. We immerse ourselves in HubSpot every day, utilizing it in various aspects such as writing blogs, crafting advanced reports, and supporting our sales team.

HubSpot, an all-in-one technology platform, encompasses marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM software. The essence of the HubSpot platform lies in fostering a helpful, human approach to business growth.

Your vision is our mission as we emerge as the leading HubSpot integrator in the renewable energy sector.

Top 1% HubSpot Agency

Helping you maximize the full potential of Hubspot CMS and its huge ROI potential through a partnership with the Tapp Network.

Tapp Green is a Platinum-certified HubSpot partner with a proven track record. We have deep integration in HubSpot's build: sales, marketing, service, CMS, and CRM.

  • HubSpot Marketing Hub implementation & onboarding
  • HubSpot Sales Hub implementation & onboarding
  • HubSpot Service Hub implementation & onboarding
  • HubSpot CMS website builds
  • Inbound Marketing Strategy
  • Customized integration between HubSpot and other systems
GreenTech Companies enrolled / year
> 50
Websites developed
> 100
Digital marketing strategies implemented

How we use Hubspot to help you...

Hubspot CMS Development

From cutting-edge brochure websites to seamlessly integrating systems, and crafting bespoke enterprise web and mobile applications, all meticulously designed with a laser focus on driving conversions.

CRM Implementation

Experience a tailored approach to consultancy, migration, and implementation. Our specialized team deploys customized HubSpot CRM solutions, empowering businesses to fast-track growth by eliminating pain points, implementing smart automation, and seamlessly connecting tech stacks.

Omni-Channel Marketing

As a Platinum HubSpot Partner, we deliver comprehensive solutions to boost leads, revenue, and brand authority. .

Custom HubSpot Integrations

Unlocking the full spectrum of success, we offer a holistic solution to amplify leads, revenue, and brand authority, proudly recognized as a Platinum HubSpot Partner.


Download the 2024 Renewable Energy Marketing and Technology Guide:


Client Success and Industry Expertise

Renewable Energy Marketing For All Sectors
Catering to a diverse clientele within the renewables industry, our expertise extends from global technology startups to well-established multinationals. Whether you're a manufacturer, developer, financier, or builder, we strategically position your marketing and PR initiatives for unparalleled success.
Use Cases

Energy Sustainability

Scope of Work

Tapp is the marketing arm/agency for BDC as we manage everything from their website to their email marketing and systems in between.

Our initiatives with BDC help drive membership of community organizations and funders/supporters, including Google, Salesforce, Rheem, and others.

Our strategic approach includes developing and promoting a community education event series and ecosystem that answers common questions and better connects to the communities they serve.

  • Trackable increase in community awareness & education.
  • Increased community engagement
  • Sizable growth in understanding of complex environment end energy issues facing families today.

Renewable Energy

Growth Opportunity

Novel works with residential, business, nonprofits/government, and landowners. This specific client provided a unique challenge in how they sell and position their services to reach a wide variety of audiences.

Tapp Network works with Novel Energy to keep them connected to their B2C and B2B partners through a combination of messaging and technology solutions.

Our initiatives with BDC help drive membership of community organizations and funders/supporters, including Google, Salesforce, Rheem, and others. Our strategic approach includes developing and promoting a community education event series and ecosystem that answers common questions and better connects to the communities they serve.


Tapp has developed and overseen their successful transition into these new markets and audiences and developed a custom technology integration to strengthen their partnerships and value with their clients and partners.


Sustainable Infrastructure

Growth Opportunity

JuiceBar is one of the world’s fasted growing electric vehicle charging service providers. JuiceBar turned to Tapp to help automate their marketing and sales operations on a national scale.

Scope of Work
  • Marketing campaign automation
  • Custom HubSpot CRM implementation and migration
  • Partner and reseller sales operations

Tapp automated and supported JuiceBar’s marketing and sales efforts to expand their charging stations into over 100 cities while connecting their sales operations platform with their fast-growing network of partners and resellers and professional installation companies in the US.


Recognized as an INC 5,000 Fastest Growing Company

Nominated Tech Company of the Year

Award CTO of the Year

Exclusive Communications and Marketing Technology Partner

Exclusive Communications and Technology Partner

HubSpot Platinum Partner


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Tapp into our collective impact approach to brand strategy, digital and creative work, custom software development, data migration, revenue operations, and full-funnel marketing.  Our team has unique and vast experience helping drive business results and environmental impact for our renewable energy partners.

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